Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Seeing Shadows by S.H. Kolee

Caitlin Kile was living a normal college life full of parties and early morning classes. Living with her best friend and enjoying her senior year, Caitlin's life seemed idyllic. Until her neighbor's cousin, Simon Crewe, transferred to her school, unbalancing her tightly controlled life. Because control was one thing Caitlin desperately needed. Simon was instantly attracted to Caitlin, but he couldn't seem to get past her guarded walls. Caitlin wasn't planning on competing with all the groupies clamoring for Simon's attention ever since he became the lead singer of a popular band. But despite Caitlin's refusal to show any interest in him, Simon couldn't seem to shake his attraction to her. But Simon didn't know everything about Caitlin. He didn't know about the images of death that haunted her while she was awake. Or the gripping terrors that plagued her at night. And Simon couldn't possibly know that those terrors were determined to destroy him. 

Initial Thoughts:
I was given this book for free by the author, S.H. Kolee. I love me some rockstars and romance with a dash of paranormal, so I was excited to review it for her.

The Pros:
Caitlin is strong despite the obstacles she has had to overcome in her life. Between losing her mother, her less than pleasant father, and her visions, she has a lot on her plate.

Caitlin's best friend Sarah aides as her support system, as she gets no support from her father. Sarah also provides a sense of comic relief and normalcy to the book.

Simon seems sweet. I don't know if I would put him on the same level as Kellan in Thoughtless, but there is definitely something dreamy about him.

Although the boys are in a band, the band doesn't play a heavy part in the book. So this is definitely not another headstrong girl falls for a rock star romance novel.

The vardoger is a very interesting twist on the paranormal trend. It actually influenced me to do a bit of research on them. I wasn't sure if the author had invented it or not, but vardogers are readily known in Scandinavian culture. 

The Cons:
As many of you know by now, I'm a stickler for grammar and spelling errors. There were a couple here and there in the book. Sarah was referred to as "Sara", "he" was just a capital "H" at the beginning of the sentence, which was a bit confusing.

The vardoger aspect wasn't explained as well as I would have hoped. I was left feeling a bit confused.

The almost sex scene was a bit awkward. The book went from being pretty PG to rated R very quickly. Not that I don't like some R rated action, it was just a surprise.

This book is going to be turned into a series, so we were left with quite a cliffhanger, and I wanted to know more. But I'm sure that's what the author intended :) I also wanted to know more about Simon's back story, but perhaps we will learn more in following books.

The Wrap Up: 4/5
This is a pretty solid paranormal romance. The story line was intriguing and kept me guessing. I am very interested to see what the author comes up with next book in the series!

Favorite Quote:
"I had assumed his touch would make me tense and anxious, but I hadn't imagined that it would make me feel as though my body was on fire as well."

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