Hi! I'm Shannon. Normally you will find me over here at Bungalow960, or with my nose in a book. This is why I started Bungalow Books. I wanted a dedicated place to write about the books that I love.

I read virtually all genres, but I especially love romance, mysteries, young adult literature (I know, I'm not quite a young adult, but there's something about those dang books!), historical fiction, and general contemporary fiction.

Like all good book blogs, I have a review policy. Here are some things you should know.
- I review all books in my honest opinion.
- I will only agree to post a review AFTER I have read the book.
- I prefer ebook formats, but I will accept hard copies in the event that an ebook is unavailable.
- I will post when I was given a book for free from an author or publisher, versus me reviewing a book on my own.
- If you purchase a book through the "buy on Amazon" link in the post, I receive a small commission from the sale.

Here's what you can expect from a review posted on Bungalow Books:
- The title, cover, and synopsis will be posted.
- My initial thoughts before I read the book.
- The pros.
- The cons.
- The wrap up (my final thoughts) with a score from one to five.
- My favorite quote from the book.
- A link to purchase the book on Amazon.
- A review posted to Amazon and GoodReads.

Are you interested in Bungalow Books posting a review of your book? Find my contact info here.

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