Monday, July 22, 2013

Fading by E.K. Blair

Can a guilty conscience keep wounds from healing? Fine arts major, Candace Parker, grew up with a mother who thinks image is everything, and her daughter’s perfection will never be good enough. About to graduate college and pursue her dreams of becoming a professional ballerina, Candace decides it’s time to let go and have a little fun. But fun is short-lived when a brutal attack leaves her completely shattered.

The memories that consume and torment Candace are starting to destroy her when she meets Ryan Campbell, a successful bar owner. He feels instantly connected and tries to show her that hope is worth fighting for. But is Ryan harboring his own demons? As walls slowly begin to chip away, the secrets that are held within start to become painful burdens.

At what point do secrets become lies?

Initial Thoughts:
The description was a little bland, but I've always loved movies/books about ballerinas. I think my clumsy self wishes I could be all Center Stage and kick ballerina ass. So I was intrigued by the ballerina aspect. And the cover is gorgeous.

The Pros:
HO. LY. CRAP. This book was intense. SO INTENSE. The blurb does it NO justice whatsoever. This book was incredibly deep, emotional, and real.

Ryan. RYAN. Swooooon all over the place. Can all men be just like him? I mean, really. He was a dark haired Ryan Gosling superhero figure to me in this book.

This book makes you really examine what "family" means. Is it something you're born into? Or is it people you care about and look after?

Unlike most other romance novels out there, the relationship between Candace and Ryan evolves over time. They don't meet, fall in love, and get married in a month. Although there are extenuating circumstances, I really appreciated the gradual evolution of their relationship. Starting out holding hands, a first hug, a kiss on the cheek, this is real life. No "ohmygod I need you right now let's go to the bedroom" nonsense on the first date. It was refreshing.

Jason and Mark. Can you guys be my best friends too? I loved them.

The Cons:
This book isn't a light read, and is not intended for younger readers. The subject matter can be disturbing and hard to get through, but it's worth it. So just a word of a caution.

Kimber annoyed the living daylights out of me. I was expecting to like her character after the first few pages, but after her and Candace's falling out, I wished that she had just been written out of the story.

NO EPILOGUE. I know that E.K. Blair is coming out with the story told from Ryan's point of view but I wanted an epilogue because I am greedy like that.

The Wrap Up: 5/5
BUY THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. It is seriously one of the best books I've read this year. And maybe last year too. It will take you on an emotional roller coaster, but it is so, so worth it.

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  1. I'm intrigued.
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