Monday, July 15, 2013

Collide by Gail McHugh

A missed first encounter…

Colliding with a second chance…

On the heels of graduating college and trying to cope with her mother’s death, Emily Cooper moves to New York City for a fresh start.

While harboring secrets of his own, Dillon Parker takes care of Emily through her grief. Knowing he can’t live without her by his side, he’s sweet, thoughtful, and everything Emily has ever wanted in a man.

Until she meets Gavin Blake—a rich and notorious playboy who is dangerously sexy and charming as hell. Emily tries to deny the instant connection she feels, but Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome is not inclined to let go so easily. Recovering from his own painful past, Gavin will stop at nothing to win Emily over.

This unexpected encounter compels Emily to question her decisions, forcing her to make a choice that will destroy friendships, shatter hearts, and forever change her life.

Initial Thoughts:
Yet another "girl meets rich playboy but will be his undoing" novel. I didn't have very high expectations.

The Pros:
Emily seemed like a relatable character. Her mother just died, she's clinging to the support of her boyfriend, and she's in a new city. Her life is a train wreck, naturally, and this book shows that. There is no pretending Emily is perfect in spite of her difficult position in life. She's real, and she's flawed. Like us readers.

HELLO GAVIN BLAKE. I love him. He's perfect. Honestly, I think he blows Christian Grey out of the water.

This book was full of DRAMA, but in a good way. You never knew what was going to happen next, and I love that in a book.

This was a true love triangle... none of this "oh I might love this super nice guy because he's what's best for me". This was a gritty, serious, drag out love triangle.

The Cons:
The cliffhanger ending! I nearly died. But thank god there is a second book.

Olivia kind of bothered me. She seemed a little too self centered.

I hate Dillon. He reminds me of every guy I dated in my early 20s. But that's a personal problem... ha.
This book got me MAD. I'm not sure if that's a good or a bad thing, but I was seriously emotionally invested in this book and found myself radiating anger more than once.

The Wrap Up: 4/5
Definitely not what I expected. AT ALL. This book kept me guessing, and the characters were real. There was no "sudden billionaire that grew up poor" or "innocent girl turned wild thing". Those characters have been overdone, and the characters in Collide were a refreshing change from the romance novel selection out there right now. This book shows you how your choices change your path of life.

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